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Saad was born and raised in Morocco, surrounded with world music and fusion jazz by his musician father with whom he played on stage from the age of 10.

At 18 he moved to France to study science & engineering, all the while adding groove and electronic music to his musical universe.

At 25, he kicked off both his corporate career and his collaborations with professional musicians as stunt keyboardist and talkboxer, working with French bands like Achille's Family & The Big Hustle with whom he performed in major Parisian venues (Trianon & New Morning).

At 30, he moved to Brussels where he started "Saad Keys", a solo project where he blends all his influences and leverage his mastering of several instruments.

At 35 Saad decided to leave his corporate career to become a full-time musician. He could dedicate himself to recording his first album "Dunes", made of woven instrumentation, deep ethnic flavours draped in layers of synths, and sparkly piano improvisations.

Saad has been sharing a selection of "Dunes" tracks gradually during 2023 before releasing the album in its entirety on February 23rd 2024.

In addition to keyboards, Saad plays bass, guitar, flute, drums, & percussions. He is also one of the most advanced talkboxer.

Saad draws his inspiration from artists like Prince, Keith Jarret, Chick Corea, the Daft Punk and D'Angelo.

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